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Lakewood Reverse Mortgages

Reverse Mortgages in Lakewood, Colorado.

Meet Brian Hinton.


Brian Hinton Reverse Mortgages

Brian Hinton

Mortgage Broker: Traditional & Reverse
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Green Mountain, Lakewood Colorado- Wikimedia commons
Green Mountain, Lakewood, Colorado- Wikimedia commons

Lakewood, Colorado Reverse Mortgage Lenders

Rocky Mountain Mortgage is a local Colorado mortgage brokerage firm founded on the principle of providing a better mortgage experience for clients; through transparency, honesty, and integrity. Brian and his team pride themselves on the personalized service and commitment for each and every borrower.

Each of our originators has a team of experienced professionals who are familiar with the specific needs of homeowners in Jefferson County and the city of Lakewood. We can walk you through the questions you’re certain to have and the process, should you decide to utilize your home’s value to create more cash flow in retirement.

How many of your neighbors have done a reverse mortgage? Here are some interesting facts about reverse mortgages and the housing market in the greater Lakewood area.

3,766 people in or within 10 miles of Lakewood already have a reverse mortgage and are familiar with the benefits of the loan. In just the last 12 months 761 more homeowners took out a federally-insured reverse mortgage.

In 2021, the median home value in Lakewood, Colorado is approximately $580,354. The current maximum lending limit for FHA-insured reverse mortgages in 2022 is $1,149,825. This means nearly all homes in the greater Lakewood* area would see most, if not all of their full home value considered in the calculation of the potential maximum reverse mortgage loan benefit. Homes above $1,149,825 may choose to apply for a private jumbo reverse mortgage for higher-valued properties.

Flickr- Casa Bonita Restaurant- Lakewood Colorado
Flickr- Casa Bonita Restaurant- Lakewood Colorado

Reverse mortgages calculate the maximum available loan benefit (before fees, costs, and lien payoffs) for qualified borrowers; based on the home’s appraised value, the age of the youngest borrower or named non-borrowing spouse and the current/starting effective interest rate.

About Lakewood, Colorado

The city of Lakewood, located just west of Denver, is the largest municipality in Jefferson County and the state’s 5th largest city. In the early 1860s, the region was home to some of the state’s first homesteaders. Later in 1899, Charles Welch and W.A.H. Loveland established a settlement, that soon became a popular location for wealthy Denver residents’ summer estates. One such popular summer retreat was the Voca Lodge, known today as “Molly Brown’s Summer House.

In 1941, Remington Arms Company began manufacturing ammunition, just prior to America’s entry into World War II. The plant later became the Denver Ordinance Plant and finally the Federal Center. Lakewood incorporated in 1969 as Jefferson City, a name which was soon changed to Lakewood. The city’s oldest building is the Stone House, located at 2900 South Estes Street. As of 2020, 160,441 residents call Lakewood home.

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Brian Hinton and his team at Rocky Mountain Mortgage are ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have about a reverse mortgage. It's important to get the facts first, discuss your unique goals and needs, and see how much you may be able to qualify for with a reverse mortgage.


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